Tuesday, October 7, 2008

exercise 23

I'm afraid I can't think of any great insights to send you. I thought some of the sites might be quite interesting, if you really had nothing better to do, and all day to do it in. I mean, you could choose a subject and then investigate more and more people's ideas and comments about it, I suppose. But I can't see myself ever sitting at a computer and vaguely surfing other people's blogs or comments or anything. I'd much rather read a book or do the gardening. But I suppose I should look at it from the library's point of view, and obviously it's useful if library staff have some idea of what young patrons are doing and talking about, so in that way I suppose it's been useful, though I still know so little about computers that it's very soon obvious that I really haven't got a clue what they're on about. I can't see myself using anything I've done on the course - even if I remembered what it was, which is fairly doubtful, I'm afraid. As far as my lifelong learning goals go - well, I don't know that I've got any, actually; I just tend to absorb things as they come up. My life's being made up as I go along, with no master plan in mind. But I can't imagine that my goals would include looking through other people's holiday photos and writing "Wow" and "Awesome" under them, or having anyone do the same to mine. Or sitting through a cooking demonstration of some basic dish, when all I wanted was a recipe.

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