Wednesday, August 13, 2008

continued frustration and time-wasting

Well, I started an account and accepted its invitation to click on some of the feeds it offered, but when I tried to subscribe by clicking "Subscribe to my selections", it kept coming up with "An error occurred" and a list of incomprehensible numbers and letters. So I presume I haven't managed to subscribe to them, but I don't know why not. Perhaps I'll have to go back to the instructions yet again, and see whether I can find how to get on to the page that's illustrated there. I'm afraid my (originally very slight) enthusiasm for this programme is rapidly waning.


I can't understand how you can keep saying "Play around!" and "Have fun!" with the internet and things like that. The internet is very useful (for communicating by email, and for finding information and booking things), but a computer is just a machine - a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. I don't "have fun" with my food processor, or "play around" with my washing machine, and I really can't see the difference.
By the way (an example of how technology has already defeated me), I think I labelled the last exercise nmber 6, but it must have been number 5.

trading cards

I looked at the trading card site (I would have spelt it "collectable"). I'm sure you could make some very entertaining pictures, if you wanted to. I can't imagine myself trading them - I think it would just be a one-off for a particular occasion.

comment on photo This is a photo of a bright pink car, which would be horribly conspicuous and the occasion of much eye-rolling and contemptuous heavy sighing on the part of men watching you doing a three-point turn or trying to parallel park.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is exercise 6, I think. I have to make a technology-related comment! Well, here it is: I'm afraid it's been about three weeks since I started this, and I've completely forgotten how to do anything, so I'm having to go through it all again. It was bad enough the first time, but even more mind-numbing the second, third, etc. (depending on how much I manage to achieve) time. And to think some people do this for pleasure!