Tuesday, October 7, 2008

exercise 22

I thought the "Information just wants to be free" (if that's the right title) was quite interesting, but I must admit I didn't read all of it, as it wasn't as interesting as all that, and it was very long. So were some of the others - fairly interesting, I mean, not very long. I still can't imagine wanting to be a "friend" of a library, but then I can't imagine putting personal information about myself on a site like that, so perhaps I'm not the right person to judge. It sounds as though quite a lot of young people do respond to the library sites, so they must be making a connection with them, and perhaps it will increase the teenagers' willingness to use the library, which is surely a good thing (from our point of view, anyway). But why just libraries? I'd be interested to know what other organisations ae also there: schools? music shops? clothes shops? McDonalds? Pizza Hut? Greenpeace? I can see that some teens might feel their space was being invaded.

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