Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'm supposed to add an image. So I clicked on the image button, and it said "Add image" (so I knew I was on the right track). Full of entusiasm, when the next page came up I clicked on "Add an iamage from your computer", then chose the file from the saved ones on my computer, and then ... I didn't know what to do next. I tried "Upload file", but nothing happened; I started to go back and do the whole thing again in case I'd missed some vital bit, but when I was about halfway through, I must have clicked the wrong thing, because an incomprehensible list of things came up, so I went back again, and it was all just the same as normal, except for one thing: when you put the cursor on the image button, it doesn't say "Add image", and sure enough, it won't do anything at all, even if you click until you're blue in the face and you've run out of insults to hurl at it. I even closed it and started it again, thinking it might have forgotten, but no. So I suppose I'll never know how to do it. Unless you have some advice.
It might also have saved me a lot of time and frustration if you'd indicated how to request to be a friend. I spent a lot of time clicking random things trying to find some way of requesting to be a friend, until my ever-helpful son told me that you had to click on Add friend (which I'd alreaady done, of course, but didn't realise that it worked reciprocally, and that that was the only way to do it).
Anyway, apart from that, I looked at them all, and looked up a few famous names. I don't think I learnt very much, except that Helen Clark likes the "Star Wars" films; unless that was John Key. It all seems a bit desperate - I mean, having to tell everyone that you exist and that you've got lots and lots of friends, so you must really be a fabulous and interesting person - a bit like Ja'mie from Summer Heights High. But obviously, if you're the right age, and all your friends are on it, then you'd want to be too. I didn't quite see what the libraries were doing there - why not just have all that on the website? If you think that people are more likely to look on Facebook (was it Facebook? I can't remember), I can understand that, but if they're not going to look at the website, then why would you expect them to look you up on Facebook?
I think I'm supposed to tell you which I liked best, but I'm afraid I can't remember any differences between them; or I can't remember which was which, which I suppose is the same thing. Is there any difference, or is one just cooler than the others?
And by the way, the request to be a friend will be denied, as it's under this name, not my real one.

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